Loving the ‘meltdown’ photo

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump met across a conference table last week to discuss the situation in Syria. The meeting devolved into insults and Pelosi and several other Dems walked out. The two leaders accused each other of having meltdowns and needing mental help.

I don’t know exactly what transpired but I do love this photo (tweeted out by Trump with the comment “Nervous Nancy’s unhinged meltdown” as though he actually thought it made her look bad). A lone woman is standing in a room full of men and appears to be dressing down the president while most of his buddies hang their heads (in shame?). Pelosi said later that she thought at this moment she was actually excusing herself and preparing to leave.

I’m not the only one enjoying this photo, as any glance at the internet will tell you. And I was especially delighted that Pelosi made it her Twitter cover photo. I’ve never been a big Pelosi fan, but I am relishing this photo.


8 thoughts on “Loving the ‘meltdown’ photo

    1. It will be with us long after Trump is gone. And, correcting myself, Trump actually tweeted out the image with the comment “Nervous Nancy’s unhinged meltdown.” (Corrected the post, too.)

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