My favorite Thanksgiving dish

6 thoughts on “My favorite Thanksgiving dish”

  1. We didn’t do mac n cheese. But we did do chicken and noodles – those big fat homemade noodles. And we’d put a scoop of that on top of a scoop of plain mashed potatoes. Talk about a carbo-overload. Would stick to our ribs for days.

    1. I hadn’t heard of that combo before, either. But I’ve often thought having both regular mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and stuffing was definitely a carbo redundancy.

  2. Ha, you know me. Amy’s microwave something or other while I hole up in my apartment in vegetarian agony. That said, next year I will make stuffing. Vegan stuffing, but stuffing. And it will SO be good! 😉

    1. Back when I used to make stuffing, it was always Pepperidge Farm. Had my son not had Thanksgiving at his house, I’d have been microwaving something too.

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