Nope, not gonna do it

Nope, I won’t be doing any binge-watching either. I know the charges and I want to know the final result. What happens in between is no more interesting than normal daytime tv. Less, actually, because I’m so sick of hearing about Trump. I think the House will impeach but the Senate will not convict. Wake me if anything different happens.



8 thoughts on “Nope, not gonna do it

    1. We can cross our fingers, but I think the only Republicans who won’t vote the party line are those not planning to run for office again. Maybe, as you suggest, some of them with consciences will suddenly have urgent business back home.

  1. The only way Trump leaves office is if he loses the upcoming election.  Which is the only thing this impeachment is intended to cause.  I hope it works, but I suspect (fear) that Republican Senators will use the other side of the same knife blade to their benefit.

    1. For the sake of the country, I believe it’s imperative that he lose the next election. But the impeachment could backfire and just galvanize Republican voters. So I guess we agree.

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