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Zuck sucks

My longtime readers won’t be surprised when I say I am appalled by Mark Zuckerberg’s defense of lies and fake news posted and promoted on his Facebook platform. He’s acknowledged they are there, that he knows foreign interests are using Facebook to plant false information, encourage lies and distortions, and support American white supremacists and hate mongers of all kinds. He knows about and allows political advertising that is false or misleading. He allows all of this and who knows what else in the name of “free speech.” His ethics and morality are comparable to those of Donald Trump, ie, nonexistent. What a massive crime it is to create something as far-reaching as Facebook but make no effort to control or police it.

Shame on Zuckerberg! I guess it’s just easier to sit back and do nothing while the dollars roll in.

(Want more of my views on Facebook?)

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