The very air you breathe is at risk

“Joy in the Meadow,” Moraine Park, Rocky Mountain National Park. Copyright © Erik Stensland. Used with permission.

Were you aware that 95 (ninety-five!) rules designed to protect the environment — your environment — have been or are being rolled back by Trump?

It’s one thing to not believe in global warming or to care more about your pocketbook than your own fresh air and clean water, but to deliberately tear down the protections established by those who do care is beyond disgusting.

In “95 Environmental Rules Being Rolled Back Under Trump,” the New York Times lists all the protections at risk, categorizes them, breaks them down by current status, and provides links for more extensive discussions of each: Air pollution and emissions, Drilling and extraction, Infrastructure and planning, Animals, Toxic substances and safety, Water pollution, and Other. It’s a wonder the man has found time to do anything other than systematically wreck our environment.

If you question what’s at stake, just take a deep breath or a drink of water from the tap. Or look up at the sky above you.

Whether you read the Times story in depth or just scan the list, it will make you sick. Or should.

3 thoughts on “The very air you breathe is at risk

  1. I want to cry when I go through that list. I have to wonder, though, that I hope some companies keep those regulations in place knowing that when trump leaves office, whoever steps in will hopefully reinstate them.

    1. I’ve already read of a few instances where cities or states have vowed to keep the protections in place regardless of what Washington says. But we need help in Colorado to keep the oil & gas industry from ruining everything we value.

      It will take years to undo the damage and rebuild the protections that Trump has torn down — assuming it’s even possible. Even if we stop him TODAY.

      1. Going backwards through the comments as I haven’t been keeping up. Interesting to think how much has changed since I made a comment on this post, back in January.

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