This is how I feel about the election

8 thoughts on “This is how I feel about the election”

    1. I still have my ballot in hand, unmarked for any candidate. And since it’s a primary, I won’t be voting for Sanders. But I’m afraid I won’t have that option in November. I’m so depressed!

      (Reminder to all: I’m a registered unaffiliated/independent voter.)

      1. Ditto
        All we can do is wait and see.
        All those Cubans who practically swam here for freedom from Castro – those who escaped Russia and other oppressed countries really need to speak up about what they lived like and witnessed.

    1. As an unaffiliated voter, I receive both Dem and GOP ballots and can vote whichever one I want. It has crossed my mind that I could vote for one of Trump’s GOP opponents if I wanted to … but of course none pose a threat to him. Have you really no way to prevent registered Republicans from voting for Bernie? That definitely does need to change. An affiliated voter should have to vote his/her party.

      1. P.S. Now that I think about it, I remember in my early voting years in Okla., everybody got the same paper ballot (with all candidates listed) and you could vote for your choice for each office. If you wanted to vote a straight ticket, there was a box at the top of that column that you could mark, so you didn’t have to mark every box in that column. (I’ve moved so much I’ve seen a lot of different ballots and systems.)

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