The Dem debate debacle

The SC debate looked like this all evening (that’s Klobuchar giving up on trying to get a word in between Biden and Steyer) …

I missed the first half-hour of last night’s ‘debate’ (these things have never been proper debates). When I finally tuned in, the candidates were arguing, talking over each other so much that you couldn’t understand any of them, and the moderators were just barely audible, trying vainly to control things.

And that’s how it went. For the next 90 minutes or so. There was no winner. They all lost. Even the moderators. Especially the moderators.

I do remember at one point Biden saying something about how everyone else kept talking past their limit, so why shouldn’t he? Points to him for mostly stopping — even mid-sentence — when told his time was up.

They were all good (mostly) about raising their hands when they wanted to say something, but then they’d go ahead and talk anyway. It looked like a first-grade classroom (apologies to first graders everywhere).

Entertaining, maybe. Informative? Definitely not.

Sanders and Biden — Me! Me! I know. Hey, I had my hand up first!

4 thoughts on “The Dem debate debacle

    1. I’ve concluded most people must support him because they believe they can get something for nothing. They aren’t looking beyond the promises. They aren’t asking how he expects to pay for all he’s promised, and he’s not saying. I can’t think of any other reason. And his popularity scares me. Once upon a time we could count on Congress to rein in an extreme president, but no more.

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