Save the chubby unicorns

This sticker on a car really caught my attention the other day. Took a second for the whole thing to register but once it did, I’ve been unable to forget it. It may be just a cute meme that someone started, but it may also be, or should be, sponsored by a legitimate wildlife conservation organization. Anything to get the public interested and involved. These massive creatures are seriously endangered!

There are a number of organizations dedicated to saving rhinos. Save the Rhino is but one. Of those I checked out, none seems to be using the chubby unicorn sticker. One of them, or all of them, should. Anything to get attention.

5 thoughts on “Save the chubby unicorns

      1. Yep – especially now that people are so visually oriented…
        why bother with anything but pictures – reading/vocabulary;/comprehension without someone telling you what it’s about is work and time consuming.
        A cause that deserves some attention. Well done

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