Thank you, Mitt Romney

Thank you, Sen. Mitt Romney, for being a man of conscience and conviction and voting accordingly. You were that rare Republican, the only one in the U.S. Senate, with the courage to vote against Donald Trump. Your integrity will be remembered long after your colleagues are forgotten.

12 thoughts on “Thank you, Mitt Romney

    1. Excellent article, and informative, since I watched neither Trump’s performance nor Pelosi’s. And I was more than a little outraged to read that Rand Paul “went to the Senate floor on Tuesday to please Trump by reading aloud the name of the alleged intelligence-community whistle-blower whose complaint triggered the impeachment investigation.” What a contemptible little man weasel.

      Worst of all was reading that only four senators were present to hear Romney’s statement! Attendance should have been mandatory, as it was throughout the “trial.”

    1. I wouldn’t make a statement that broad since I have close family who are Republicans (although I don’t understand why). But I do think the Republicans in Washington (except for Romney) have demonstrated that party is far more important to them than country. If they are going to sell their souls like that, they ought to at least do it for a man who deserves their allegiance.

      1. I hear what you’re saying about not wanting to make a statement that broad but I’m honestly at the point where I look at some family and friends and wonder “Who are you?”. I don’t understand how the person I thought I knew can support what’s going on. I can’t accept the response that “The economy is great.” There is such a feeling of sadness.

        1. I do look at my son and his wife and wonder how those two very intelligent people can be Republicans. At least that’s how they are registered. I’ve never dared ask my son directly “Who did you vote for in 2016?” but given his disdain for Hillary, I’m afraid he did vote for Trump. But again, I value family relationships too much to press on touchy political issues.

  1. I, too, was pleased Sen. Romney took a stand. Reasons some others gave for not doing so were specious at best. I think Trump has served to bring out of the woodwork views on issues long not openly expressed. I just never imagined so many actually held some of these beliefs. Some of my friends and I discovered this when Obama became a candidate. Trump has just given people sanction to be more open about some issues.

    1. So true. And that’s what’s so scary about him. He makes it okay to lie, bribe, hate, etc., with impunity — at least for those unprincipled enough to follow his example. Failure to convict him was like giving him permission to go ahead and do whatever he wants. It told him that he’s above the law and showed him that the last entity with the power to stop him, wouldn’t.

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