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A huge thank you

Consider this a note of deep respect and appreciation to all those on the front lines fighting this coronavirus threat:

And an equally big note of appreciation to thoughtful neighbors everywhere who are sharing their supplies with others, offering to shop for them, and checking on them to make sure they are okay.




  1. The situation is redolent of the ubiquitous patriotism and sense of unity I recall from WW II. There was something to it. I recall victory gardens and a lack of griping despite rationing. It would be nice to recover some of that!

  2. Reblogged this on Me In The Middle and commented:
    So many people who are stepping up so we can carry on. Pied Type’s another blog I’ve been following since 2015. The message of the cartoon ~ Don’t judge a person that you see with two carts filled with toilet paper. Their intention might be way different than you’re labeling them with.
    Hang in there! Stay well!

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