Love in the time of pandemic

I’m a hermit by trade. A loner. And I’m perfectly happy home alone most of the time. Until I was told I HAD to stay home. Now I fret constantly.

My son and his family live about a mile away, and I miss seeing them. He continues to call every day, as he always has. And he and the grandkids used to come over on Sunday nights to watch Star Trek or, more recently, Picard. And every week or ten days my 17-year-old grandson would come over and we’d watch funny YouTube videos or discuss/play video games.

However, my daughter-in-law is in nursing school and is also an EMT driving ambulances. So she’s at high risk of catching the virus and then very possibly infecting her family. And I’m almost 77 and not yet 5 full years past breast cancer treatment. So keeping our distance from one another is all we can do. I worry about her getting sick, and in turn, my son and grandkids. And they worry about me.

So here we all are, loving one another from a distance. And so far we’re all still healthy.

(Knock wood!)

8 thoughts on “Love in the time of pandemic

  1. I work from home so, except for lack of work, there’s not much different in my life. But it’s still driving me crazy because we cannot go out and do whatever we used to do. I still go to the store – have to – but that’s about it. I’ll have to venture to Costco this week as we’re getting low on dog food.

    1. So far I’ve managed to get most of what I need delivered — with the notable exception of toilet paper. What I have may last another couple of weeks, but after that, I’ll be forced to go out, perhaps to multiple stores, to get some.

      I’ve had no problem ordering dog and cat food from either Amazon or Chewy.

  2. We are in our 80’s and are being as careful as possible. I have weighed cancelling 2 newspapers lest the virus come in on them but haven’t decided yet. The USA Today comes by USPS and the Joplin Globe by carrier who also bags it. What do you think are the chances of the bug riding in on newsprint?

    1. I’ve no idea about that, Jim. I confess I’ve not been particularly careful with the deliveries I’ve gotten, the plastic bags they come in, or the shipping cartons. But if you’re worried about the newspapers, there’s always the online versions. If you’re addicted to the paper versions, you could switch back later.

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