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‘Hope on a Dark Morning’

“Hope on a Dark Morning” by Erik Stensland. Photo © Copyright by Erik Stensland. Reprinted with permission.

This is one of Erik Stensland’s newest photographs from Rocky Mountain National Park. Regular Pied Type readers are well acquainted with Stensland’s spectacular photos of the park, currently closed because of the coronavirus. However, you can still enjoy the park via Stensland’s website. Just go to Images of RMNP and let the slideshow carry you away.

Stensland also has an interesting post, “The Proper Way to View a Photo.” It describes the way I view his photos, but also the way I view nature itself, especially when I’m in the mountains.


  1. That photo is outstanding. Thanks for a link to the website, I’ll go there. I have been alone (with my cat) in my house now since March 15 and not been out. I can only see the weeds in my backyard (however some have flowers.) Looking at beautiful photos of the outdoor will be a treat.


    • I’ve only been inside for about a month, with a dog and a cat. Stensland is my favorite photographer and RMNP is my favorite place in the world. He didn’t identify this lake and I don’t recognize it, but he goes so many places that I’ve never been. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his photos.


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