Howling in Denver

Learning to howl

Last night for the first time I remembered to turn off the tv at 8 pm and listen. Sure enough, I thought I heard a distant howl. But not certain, I got up and opened the back door. Yep, there were definitely a few distant howls out there. Not dogs or sirens but people. People Howling for Healthcare Workers or Clapping Because We Care or just making some noise.

I listened for a few seconds and then, feeling really silly but emboldened by the darkness, I howled. No laughs or snickers came back at me. Just more distant howls. So I howled again, louder and longer. Standing on a covered deck, I thought it sounded pretty good. And I was pleasantly surprised when a howl came out of the darkness just half a block away.

It was fun. It was cathartic. And it felt good to be connecting with others in the neighborhood. So I’m going to try to remember to do it every night. Besides, it has special meaning for me. My daughter-in-law is an EMT, doing ambulance runs all over the Denver metro. I worry every day that she’s going to get the virus, and then inevitably my son and grandkids will get it.

I apologize for not knowing how to rotate this one:

Out here in a distant bedroom community, without a bunch of highrise buildings, we aren’t making nearly this much noise. But maybe it will get better as more people learn about it.

Are you howling in your hometown?

8 thoughts on “Howling in Denver

    1. I’ve seen videos from around the world and think it’s a wonderful way for people to act together even while staying apart. I think it’s only just getting started in the US. At least I hadn’t heard about it until about a week ago. So far it’s not a political movement here.

      1. Trump made it into a politcal movement to his advantage. Before he didn´t to the “press core”, now he does, from a political point of view his strategy is great (you might disagree or not) he said something to the effect ” Yes we got a bit late but if it wasn´t for the democrats trying to empeach me for the whole 20 million years we could have worked together because it is not only the president, we have 3 branches of government and 2 of them are constantly trying to empeach me and we need those 2 other branches to work with me not against me while this virus is spreading” Unkwote. From a politcal stand point it was brilliant, smart guy this one and in general doing good I think.

        1. Well, I’ll have to disagree with you about Trump. I think he’s been a disaster for the country, and never more so than now.

          But the howling is not about him. It’s about Americans coming together as neighbors in a time of crisis.

          1. Only in times of crisis people either come together or they go to each others throughts. One of the two. I think we can agree on that one, it´s human nature.

  1. No howling in our community I know of, but the hospitals are located in adjacent cities. My neighbor has created colored lights in a large heart shape strung outside on a decorative wall that she turns on after dark. A nice feel for those driving our short-cut street though there have been fewer cars, also had been considerable number of walkers, runners, bikers.

    I think this Pres. and Party has been a disaster in their quest to decrease the size of government with ignorant thoughtless uninformed actions eliminating functions for which a government should be responsible to ALL the states and people. They don’t seem to know what they don’t know. To justify disastrous decision-making or failure to even make a decision they even alter after–the-fact long-standing policy wordings from the original all others believe to be in force. Incompetence and disgraceful means to subvert our constitutional democratic republic by using our laws for citizens freedom are being used against us.

    1. I was reading just today that in some nearby neighborhoods, a few people have turned on their Christmas lights to cheer everyone up– and they promptly got a note from their HOA telling them to take down the lights. I’m beginning to hate HOAs.

      I can’t say anything about our current pres. without launching into some sort of rant. He’s been incredibly irresponsible and erratic in handling this virus thing — and people are dying because of it.

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