Second only to his ‘stable genius’ of a boss

Vice President of the US or not, Mike Pence should have been refused admission to the Mayo Clinic if he wasn’t willing to abide by the rules and put on a mask. How dare he tell them that he’s not infected. No matter how often he’s been tested, he still could have contracted the virus five minutes later, or the last test could have been a false negative. It happens. His privileges as veep stop with the rights of others to stay healthy. And rules are rules for a reason. They apply to everyone.

As Pence explained it: “And since I don’t have the coronavirus, I thought it’d be a good opportunity for me to be here, to be able to speak to these researchers, these incredible health care personnel, and look them in the eye and say ‘thank you.’ ”

So a mask would have covered his eyes?

Is no one willing to stand up to this ignorant, arrogant administration? It’s not like Trump can fire people at the Mayo Clinic.

Vice President Pence visits with coronavirus survivor Dennis Nelson at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., during a tour of facilities supporting COVID-19 research and treatment. Jim Mone/AP

20 thoughts on “Second only to his ‘stable genius’ of a boss

  1. Sheesh–really, dude? Go into a hospital without a facemask while EVERYONE ELSE is wearing one? Even the doctors.

    I would LOVE to have read that they refused him entry unless he put on the mask. I would LOVE that… and can only imagine the “unfair” rant Dump would make later, but still… yeah.

    Amazing how the Great Pumpkin and the altar boy can get tested every day and nobody I know has been able to get a test at all. We don’t even know where to go to get one, or the sign up procedures, or whatever. I’m still looking, in case they’re interested, but yikes.

    1. RHIP, apparently. I am so sick of what’s passing for leadership from the White House. Punting to the governors when it’s a national emergency just doesn’t cut it.

      As for Trump and Pence visiting hospitals, I know if I were a patient I’d refuse to see them. I am SO disappointed in the Mayo staff for letting Pence in. I put health and safety above title. Waaay above.

  2. Well, what about contracting the virus from those in the hospital who have it? It’s just as much for oneself as it is for others. Pense is a dumbass.

    1. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he got it, but the cloth masks we all wear only help protect others from us (in case we have it but are asymptomatic). They don’t protect us from others; only medical grade masks provide that protection.

      1. I have viral masks. Bought them several years ago to use when painting a large room, but ended up not using them. Discovered them about a week into the quarantine.

          1. Yes, they are. However, they are expired. What, pray tell, is expired with a mask? Glad you asked. It has to do with the glue, from what I read. That over time, if stored improperly, the glue around the outside can deteriorate. Well, better than nothing, and I had stored them in a box, in a closet where it was dry and cool.

  3. johnthecook,,,If smoke gets in your eyes,can the virus get in your eyes ?How about on your exposed skin? Why do you think people are asked to WIPE down surfaces OR wear gloves? Critical thinking skills and logic and even common sense go hand in hand. These 3 things are what most politicians are lacking.

    1. Amen to that. Critical thinking, logic, and common sense departed Washington DC a long time ago.

      And yes, I think I’ve read of at least one case of someone being infected via their eyes. The virus enters via mucus membranes. That’s why most health care workers are seen wearing eye shields or goggles. On the other hand, there’s still so much we still don’t know.

  4. johnthecook…Did Pence REFUSE to wear a mask or did he get a by…Did President Trump REFUSE to wear a mask or did he get a by? I don’t think we will ever be privy to that information! On the same note as we see various public figures in News clips,there is no consistency in “social distancing”;the wearing of masks;the number of people in a building;who is wearing eye shields or not, and the list goes on…so Washington DC is NOT the only place where Critical thinking,logic and common sense are severely lacking. In my own opinion there is a GOLD standard,but there are a great number of people who would say definitely not!

    1. Pence was asked to and refused. He said he wanted to be able to “look his hosts in the eye” (go figure). Trump announced on national tv that he will not be wearing a mask. Eye shields are worn by medical professionals because of their very high-risk positions and constant exposure. Social distancing should be at least 6 feet but many people don’t observe that (a distinct lack of consideration for those around them). The White House initially set a very poor example by standing almost shoulder-to-shoulder at press conferences. Yes, there are a lot of ill-informed, ignorant, inconsiderate people all over the country.

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