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Pied Type is now Windwhistle

windwhistlelogo_transMay 28, 2020 — It’s only a fresh title and theme. The content will remain the same. I’ll remain the same. But things needed freshening up around here and the old theme was feeling really stale. In fact, it’s been retired by WordPress.

The former title, “Pied Type,” was a nod to my working years as an editor, but those years are long gone. Meanwhile, Colorado’s mountains, one of the main reasons I moved here, call to me every day. And they certainly mean more to me now than my past career. Perhaps they always have.

So here we are. Pied Type is now “Windwhistle,” the name of a certain rustic cabin built high in Colorado’s Front Range in the early 1900s. It hosted several of my childhood vacations and was nearby for the others. I’ve many wonderful memories of the area and returned year after year for decades.

Other than the new branding, nothing else will change. The primary address here is still so readers and Google can still find me.


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