Why, Tulsa, why?

6 thoughts on “Why, Tulsa, why?”

    1. I don’t get it either. It’s like lemmings following each other over the cliff. Only just today did Colorado increase the permissible size of gatherings to 100. And that’s still with social distancing and masks. I think they’ve lost their minds in Tulsa.

      1. Absolutely, how can people just ignore the danger? I had to go lay down for a while today after reading about the nightmare that the virus can be at it’s most severe and then seeing a video of a guy who just got vicious because a business asked him to wear a mask. It’s a piece of FABRIC for God’s sake! All those folks are going to go in there and support their leader, defiantly not wearing a mask and COVID will say. “Yummy.”

      2. It’s going to be ugly, no doubt. Both in the arena and outside with the demonstrators. Trump just wants crowds. He doesn’t care who gets sick or hurt.

  1. Look on the bright side.  Trump should create indoor campaign rallies in all 50 states and his loyal, misguided supporters should all attend.  Meanwhile the rest of us should religiously maintain social distancing and wear face coverings any time we’re outside of our homes.  Lemmings that don’t survive can’t vote.

    1. Good point. But even Chief Lemming Pence backed out of his scheduled Arizona appearances rather than exercise his vaunted constitutional right to assemble without a mask. The lemmings are starting to think.

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