The bears are back in town

The bears are back at Katmai National Park, Alaska, fishing Brooks Falls in front of live cameras. The salmon are leaping, the gulls are lurking, the icy water is rushing. What’s not to love? This year, even a wolf showed up! Maybe s/he’ll stick around for a while.

6 thoughts on “The bears are back in town

  1. I’ve often thought of going up there during this time. I would imagine that there’s not a lot of lodging and is probably booked well in advance. Would love to see this tho.

    1. It would be memorable, wouldn’t it? Hard to judge about lodging because we never get a bear’s eye view back toward the cameras. There might be a whole town there. But if I used to book in Estes Park a year in advance, I can’t imagine what an attraction like Brooks Falls would require.

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