Look out, Donald, here they come!

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    1. Glad to hear that. Californians know her better than anyone. I’m still trying to decipher her positions there, but everything I mentioned above is encouraging. I was going to vote for Biden in any case.

    1. My concern is that she seemed to sort of flip flop in her positions when she was DA and AG in Calif. As a senator, however, she seems to have found her compass and I’m content with her positions. It’s reassuring to hear from Californians who have seen how she operates and who like her.

  1. johnthecook…does anybody remember the Democratic Party Debates of 2020? Kamala Harris was NOT to convincing and scored very low on acceptability ratings. Even Pro Biden supporters did not give her high ratings.She will NOT be good for America. Her politics lean to the Left,and in many cases to the Far Left. America was not founded on those principals. Look it up! Joe Biden will…WILL…raise taxes. He wants to extend Citizen ship rights to ILLEGALS,from education to health benefits and more. Not on my dime!! Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are Socialists to the bone. This is NOT what America needs!

    1. Apparently anyone not Republican is a Socialist. That’s the split I see in the country these days. The problem is, it’s wrong. Not all Republicans are far right extremists supporting Trump. Not all Democrats are far left Socialists and Antifa. I think the majority of Americans are actually somewhere between those extremes. Trump has encouraged the polarization and it’s hurting everyone.

      Yes, I remember the debates. I didn’t particularly like Harris then and really still don’t. But that doesn’t mean she can’t be a good vice president. I haven’t looked into Biden’s plans for the next four years. But I think anybody would be better than Trump.

  2. My fear (if Biden/Harris wins) is that they believe their winning vote equates to a mandate to achieve their stated goals. We just need them to mark time till a real candidate comes along.

      1. johnthecook…I think your right. Victory somehow equates to a mandate,when in fact it most likely represents a lesser of two evils. With that being said many Americans do NOT believe a Joe Biden victory would be good for America because…he will not finish a first term as President,our 2nd Amendment Rights will be attacked relentlessly,those that are already in America Illegally will gain a stronger foothold to stay here permanently,our already established border walls will become a sieve,higher taxes to support free healthcare to everyone,free education ,a weakened Military,and the list goes on..Our friend ImALibertarian suggest we need to mark time until a “real candidate ” comes along. Who would that be? What would that person look like? It would behoove ALL OF US to go back and re-read our US Constitution and Bill Of Rights and look for and vote for those people who would adhere to those basic principals for America.

      2. Biden is perhaps the most moderate among the Dems who competed for the nomination (offhand I can’t remember all of them), so I don’t think we can necessarily attribute all the most liberal objectives to him. But yes, he will certainly be more liberal than Trump. And as always, until Trump ran amok with executive orders, the president can’t actually do a whole lot without the approval of Congress. You probably have more to fear from a Democrat majority in Congress, should that happen.

        I, too, would be interested in seeing Ima’s suggestion for a “real candidate.”

  3. A real candidate (one that I would vote for) would swear to honor, preserve and protect the constitution – and mean it.

    So, no… I have no suggestion that has a hope in Hell of being elected.

    1. That’ll be hard to come by, given that all presidents pledge to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. They always seem to forget that once they’re in office.

  4. johnthecook…My fear is that The Party that supports Abortion over life,Illegals over it’s own Citizens,and Refuges over it’s own Veterans is going to run our Government and tell us this IS how it’s going to be, and then and lecture me on morals…I DON’T THINK SO.

    1. Speaking for myself, let me be very clear: I don’t “support abortion;” I support CHOICE. No one should be able to tell a woman what to do with her own body. That’s a very personal, private matter between her and her doctor (and a right that the Supreme Court has upheld for more than 40 years). Opinions vary about the best way to deal with illegal immigrants, but I can’t think of any that prioritize illegal immigrants over US citizens. (Maybe I’m just overlooking something?) And neither party has kept the nation’s promises to veterans, regarding health care especially, but I don’t understand how that relates to refugees. Finally, politics is a dirty business and neither party deserves (or has the right) to lecture us on morals or religion. That’s one reason I’m an independent, unaffiliated voter.

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