Hypocrites, lame ducks, and the Supreme Court

10 thoughts on “Hypocrites, lame ducks, and the Supreme Court”

  1. Talk about the ultimate in hypocrisy. Wouldn’t let Obama appoint a Supreme Justice many more months before the election than what trump has. And speaking of Lame Duke…. if Biden wins, which is looking better every day, trump’s lame duck period terrifies me. He will do anything and everything he can to bring havoc on our government and country.

  2. johnthecook…It is the Electoral College that makes it possible for the less populated States to have their vote count and be meaningful in the Presidential Elections. Our “Founding Fathers” were no dummies! Please re-read or read for the first time the 12th amendment to our Constitution. By the way just WHO were our “Founding Fathers” referring to as the “Supreme Judge of the World” in our CONSTITUTION OF INDEPENDENCE?

    1. I’m not sure how the Electoral College is relevant here. I only mentioned it as an aside. This is about the actions and votes of those already in Congress (where the Senate, with two senators per state, gives less populated states an equal voice).

      (Counting the popular vote instead of the Electoral College would mean one man person, one vote regardless of the state of residence. That’s as equal as you can get.)

  3. The make up of the Senate is analogous to the make up of the Electoral College in that both attempt to prevent a controlling influence based solely on a small, but densely populated area.

    IMNSHO — Rural issues are invisible to folks crammed together in densely populated cities and would never be fairly addressed under a one person, one vote scenario… think food and energy prices, wildfires, etc. The opposite is also true. 

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