Re Tuesday’s presidential ‘debate’

15 thoughts on “Re Tuesday’s presidential ‘debate’”

  1. Total waste
    Remember those old sound proof booths that game shows had – so the one inside couldn’t hear anything – and if the mic was shut off those outside couldn’t hear what the one inside was saying?
    Yeah. Get those.
    (Besides it would be more fun watching the silent performances…)
    There should be another “debate” – with sound proof booths and punishments for any contestant who reverst to childhood by using name calling and the disrespectful, rude phrase even my mom banned: “Shut up”. Eye rolls, exaggerated snorts and sniffs, and body language can be allowed: juvenile comedy show…and it wasn’t even laughable for the audience!!!!

      1. Ditto. Once everyone – especially adults – especially elected to office adults – were supposed to display good manners.
        Maybe the audience of the next one – a town hall format could control the shock collars? (I think there were some sci-fi stories about that? Who ever thought it would come to this)
        We should start a petition about the booths.

      2. Just tell me where to sign!

        “Manners?” I seem to recall something called manners. They seem headed for extinction, though. Probably because they don’t work unless both parties have them.

  2. Biden tried. He really tried to have a debate like those of all his years prior… debating issues. Discussing. trump knows he’s losing so he was attempting to keep Biden from saying anything productive. trump also knows that a substantial number of his groupies love it when trump is mean, a bully, but trump is just so stupid, he simply cannot understand that behavior hurts him more overall than it helps.

    They should have shut off trump’s mike when Biden was speaking. If they do have the two future debates, shut off the damn mike when it’s not trump’s turn! And, to be fair, turn off Biden’s when trump is speaking.

    So easy. lol… then we can see what a major tantrum looks like from our baby-in-chief.

  3. The thing I noticed was that Trump cannot stand being called stupid.  Biden needs to ride that horse to death.  Biden needs to remind Trump that when his tax fraud case comes to trial, President Biden will give him no presidential pardon.  Trump is a fool and needs to be treated accordingly.  Get him to lose it and start swearing would be MY goal.

    1. He was looking pretty bad even without being goaded. But yes, seeing him totally lose it might educate some voters who still can’t see what a total maniac he is.

  4. I got so little sleep the night before, but I wouldn’t have been able to stand watching anyway. I’ve developed eye twitches when Dump talks too much. He seems to believe that if his mouth isn’t moving, people think his brain’s not working… which is not how it works, obviously. “Will you shut up?” will go down in history as a great moment in 21st century American political history (largely because the bar has fallen so low limbo champions wouldn’t make it under.

    1. I think you’re onto something. His brain doesn’t work at all — only his mouth.

      I hated to hear Biden break down and say that, but how much can one human endure? By that time I was thinking I’d probably snap, grab Trump by the throat, and shake him like a rag doll while screaming “shut up, shut up, shut up!”

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