Debate solution: Zoom

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Covid-safe, socially distanced, from the comfort of one’s home. No mask required. That’s Zoom. That’s the solution for the next presidential debate. If either candidate gets out of line, goes over his time, or just flat out won’t shut up, the moderator can kill his mic, leaving him with no recourse. Well, he could try sign language, but his feed could be completely cut off, leaving only his opponent visible to viewers.

Yep, I’d like to see that. A Zoom debate.

16 thoughts on “Debate solution: Zoom

  1. That is a fun idea! (a better moderator might help, too)
    But we’d miss the Trump pout and stewing lean and Biden’s eye rolls and scoffs
    Zoom is not the best option for people here. 1) everyone is sick and tired and zoomed out as businesses, schools, docs, and families have been relying heavily on that for communication of info (that last is alien to these “debates”. Little useful for voters info was actually presented) and 2) zoom is too easily staged, it is more of a prepared presentation/performance by participants -especially with the topics and questions given ahead of time – which is a bad idea in any format for them. No notes and prepared speeches!!!), 3) voters need to be measured the candidates are able to stand for long periods – even without a podium or chair except maybe when it is their turn to perform – and be able to use their accumulated knowledge to think on their feet – as they would when dealing with foreign leaders.
    Voters need to see and analyze – not only personality, but also endurance, strategy on the fly, and depth of information in unexpected situations – as well as they handle conflict – in a mature dignified fashion as they represent the country
    If middle school and high school kids can do that with debates, it’s not too much to ask of presidential candidates.
    Maybe a really loud fog horn when participants get off the track/avoid the question/ state an obvious falsehood/misinformation as both sides were guilty of last time?
    (and second you suggested mild shock collar for interruptions. Interesting some analysts said Trumps loud annoying overriding voice did Biden a favor by covering up a few time when he stumbled. And can Trump get any more orange?)
    Wish they would go ahead and put Harris in the debate with – she’s the real candidate and the voters need to hear from her. She’s a real firecracker – and that would be a debate worth watching!)
    Sorry for the length – loved your post idea. What a mess and disappointment

    1. They’d both be on camera and visible all the time unless they misbehaved. And they could use longer camera shots so we could see they were standing. But we couldn’t see anyone off-camera, or the earpiece Fox suggested Biden might use to get answers. Isolation booths might be a better solution.

      1. Back to the one soundproof booth on stage and the one not speaking in isolation so the other one can talk uninterrupted – and the people can actually hear him.
        Two men shouting at each other is pointless for voters.
        I guess ear pieces and new technology does complicate things. Are they going to have to “bug” sweep them to keep them honest? What has it come to.
        It will be interesting to see how the next one goes (planned questions passed out to “undecided voters” supposedly.)
        I can’t remember the name of that show with the soundproof booth…only Get Smart with the Cone of Silence HAHA

        1. I’m thinking it was “The $64,000 Question that had contestants in soundproof booths. But maybe not.
          I saw a clip from Fox on one of the late night shows and they were discussing checking Biden’s ears before the debate started to make sure he wasn’t wearing an ear piece. Next thing you know they’ll want to x-ray him to make sure he doesn’t have a brain implant or something. I’m a lot more concerned about Trump’s brain.

        1. Hadn’t seen that but knew Westcliffe, CO, was a “Dark Sky Community.” So glad someone recognizes the importance of protecting places like this. I learned to appreciate it after vacations high in the Rockies where you can see umpteen more stars than in OKC. Even the Milky Way, sometimes. Truly amazing when you see it for the first time. I can only imagine a late evening up on Trail Ridge Road.

          1. Will look up that town.Thanks
            Anyone wanting to experience real awe ( not the trite overused word, but the real experience) should try that rocky pull out across from the Long Horn Sheep meadow in RMNP. talk about putting things – and human existence/importance in perspective. Trail Ridge must be even more astounding.

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