Yes indeed, your president plays the accordion

In the not-too-distant past, I read a comment about Trump “playing the accordion” — a reference to his characteristic gesture of spreading his hands apart, then bringing them together, then apart, together, etc. This video highlights the “accordion playing” and once you’ve watched it, you’ll never again see the president without his accordion.

No apologies. I enjoy a good laugh wherever I can find it. And seeing an accordion in Trump’s hands is not unlike an anxious speaker picturing his audience in their underwear. Hey, anything to preserve my sanity.

8 thoughts on “Yes indeed, your president plays the accordion

    1. Political news in general has become a drinking game these days. I’d probably miss Biden’s “Come on, man” because Trump talks over him so loudly. But the accordion … next time you see Trump on tv, try watching him without laughing.

      1. now somebody good with audio and video clips will need to add the sounds every time he makes the gesture. That’ll be a viral video. Maybe an animation of the fly from Pence’s head dancing to it, too.
        Quick, somebody get on that!

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