Forest Service closes north Colorado forests

Extreme, historic fire conditions exist in the forests of northern Colorado, with fires seeming to spring up almost daily. With that in mind, the US Forest Service has taken unusual preventive action — closing the forest. Covid-crazed Coloradans have been flocking to the mountains in record numbers and the state’s current fires are suspected to be human-caused (accidental, not arson). The closures are intended to put a stop to that. No hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, four-wheeling, cycling, boating, dog-walking, target shooting, or anything else you can think of.

Violations carry fines of up to $5,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 6 months. It will be interesting to see how compliant people will be, given the number who think merely wearing a mask is a violation of their rights.

All the fires — Cameron Peak, Calwood, Lefthand Canyon, East Troublesome, etc. — are still burning, but help is in the forecast. Teens and 20s on Sunday with up to 6″ of snow predicted for Denver and up to 12″ in the mountains. Fingers crossed.

(See this morning’s fire details.)

4 thoughts on “Forest Service closes north Colorado forests

  1. Oh, good. Hope the snow if plentiful. We have a chance of rain on Monday. And the temps will finally be dropping. We’ve been in the 80’s nearly every day this month now. Humidity has been below 10%. So dry here. My sinuses are like the Sahara Desert.

  2. Hoping for heavy snow – soon. With the looniness, closures may only force people to greater density in any open areas. As you say, some Dunderhead will tromp in insisting it’s taxpayer/citizens’ land and ….(please someone pick up that beer can that rolled out …)
    Might as well shrug and say 2020 Outdoor Fall season is over…

    1. I think maybe through traffic on the highways is allowed (where fires haven’t closed them), with due caution for firefighting equipment, but no leaving the highway.

      One blizzard, please. A nice big one.

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