This is firefighting in Colorado

Firefighting in Colorado’s mountains is tough. Really tough. Temperatures, precipitation, and wind can change in minutes. And this is in addition to rough, often steep terrain and high elevation. (Remember, Denver is at 5,280 feet, so all the fires are higher than that.) Colorado’s biggest wildfire in history, the Cameron Peak fire, is still burning in northern Colorado, just north and east of Rocky Mountain National Park. Conditions there have often looked like this:

Is it any wonder the fire has been raging for two months? And at the moment it’s only one of 8 fires in Colorado.

Keep these brave, tireless men and women in your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “This is firefighting in Colorado

    1. I hope all your friends and loved ones are okay. The fires out there have been horrible. It seems like the entire state is on fire. And in heavily populated areas, too. Must be incredibly difficult for the firefighters.

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