A return to dignity

6 thoughts on “A return to dignity”

  1. johnthecook…and just like that the “Russian Collusion” rumors that persisted .during the 2016 Presidential Election that was being fueled by the MSM, that were being brought up during the latter days of the 2020 “campaigning season and even as Election day was looming on the horizon, disappeared just like “The Cat In The Hat”. Poof, Gone. What are we left with? Joe Biden and Company, voting machine software gone awry, COVID-19 and all it’s ramifications, financial wrong doing by Joe Biden and his son, and the headache and the mess go on and on. Get ready America cause I am afraid we ain’t seen nothing yet!

      1. johnthecook…My family and I had a very nice and wonderful Thanks Giving Day meal. I cooked and baked way too much food for a group of nine people. How much is to much…3 turkeys( avg weight 21lbs) and one was stuffed, with extra dressing on the side, Two hams (not spiral) 12 lb each, fresh cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, fresh mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, corn with butter, 36 yeast raised dinner rolls, deviled eggs, black olives, turkey gravy from scratch, cherry cobbler, apple cobbler, 2 pecan pies and two cream cheese pumpkin pies. Yes The Lord has really blessed me and my family!

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