About that Utah monolith

Kelsea Dockham / Canyon State Overland

It’s gone. The mysterious, gleaming monolith in the Utah desert is gone. In its place, a sad little cairn.

Now we are left to speculate about who removed it Friday night, and why. The Bureau of Land Management says they didn’t take it and they don’t know who did. Was it removed by the person or persons who installed it? Might it reappear someday in another location? Did some determined souvenir hunter snatch it, selfishly, for his own private collection? Or did aliens return to retrieve their forgotten device?

We may never hear of the monolith again. But it was certainly an intriguing story while it lasted.

(Hmm, now that I think about it, it was probably only a matter of time before some idiot citizen(s) started defacing the monolith, scratching or painting evidence of their ignorance and disrespect. Maybe it’s better that the installation was removed before that happened.)

9 thoughts on “About that Utah monolith

    1. johnthecook…upon further scrutiny via pictures shown by a photographer, there was evidence of screws holding the “monolith” together which should thoroughly debunk alien technology. It was reportedly discovered back in 2016. Why it took 4 years to reach social media is no mystery (the era of President Trump) was in effect. I do have to agree the area would soon be over run by idiots, Instagramers and those who are out to make a quick buck on the most gullible.

      1. I didn’t mind the aliens being debunked, but the screws spoil the overall beauty of the thing (in photos where you can see them). Better if it were a single solid piece of some shiny metal. Not until it was discovered recently from the air did interested parties start examining old Google satellite images and discover it had been there since 2016. (See my previous post.)

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