About those preemptive pardons

Am I the only one wondering about those preemptive pardons Trump might issue? Doesn’t such a pardon suggest that the person pardoned has likely committed a crime of some kind? Doesn’t accepting such a pardon admit an awareness of guilt, an awareness of having done something prosecutable?

Presumably the Trump gang knows that pardons issued by the president apply only to federal law; they do not apply to civil, state, or local offenses. So these folks are probably in a world of hurt, whether or not they are pardoned by the president.

29 thoughts on “About those preemptive pardons

  1. Supposedly this is all rumor and BS, but as vicious as things were for past few years and the animosity not going away, who wouldn’t want to protect their kids/family – just like Clintons, and Biden does?
    What does it matter at this point.
    People really need a grip and walk away and move on…unity, you know. Sigh. Hopeless on that.

    1. Methinks you give the Great Pumpkin more credit than he deserves. In any case, I just want them all gone, and if they run into legal problems, well, so be it. It would do my heart good to see the pumpkin-in-chief behind bars. Anything, as long as he’s gone.

      1. Not really – just tired of the mess and ready to roll on.
        Seriously doubt any of them of either party worry with their fortunes and access to expert legals along with the favors owed – unlike the ordinary person.
        Int took Gore 37 days to go away…clock is ticking with this version, too.
        But I do know a great deal of damage has been done now with the irregularities in voting process (not that any difference in outcome will be the result – dead people have always voted along with stolen voter IDs…)
        Hope Biden is up to it, but he’s shakey – Harris is at his elbow and acting like she’s helping an elderly grandparent…
        Need that Fountain of Youth discovered now.

          1. People age differently: genetics, life style, and luck. Editor and word people generally do better – it’s the constant brain exercise.
            You did see the last CNC interview? Might want to check it out. …especially the softly muttered bit about … “When we disagree… something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.” It was said seriously. He’s had at least one stroke on record. He is having trouble with word retrieval and saying things/words in order and able to get his completed thought out as he means to. ( does not necessarily mean he isn’t thinking straight, just having trouble expressing – but all signs of difficulties. I just cringe. No matter they keep his exposure to public and limit press to sot questions. He gets understandably frustrated and angry…not a good look globally.)
            We’re all older. Some just age better than other. Hopefully he hangs in there – and makes the decisions he wants to make – and not leave it to others with other agendas. He’s be in DC some 50 years and knows how to play.

        1. I’ve not watched many interviews because I’m so sick of politics. But I understand his comment about developing “some disease” and resigning was said in jest. I’d not heard and cannot find anything saying he’s ever had a stroke (two aneurysms, yes, but not strokes). His occasional grasping for words is said to be due to a childhood stuttering problem that he mostly overcame. And there’s the natural aging thing of occasionally not being able to recall a particular name or noun. By all accounts he is in good health for 78. Kamala is his wingman now and I expect her to be at his elbow when they are in public, just as his wife Jill is. I like the guy so I’m probably biased in his favor, but I trust him to be appointing good, qualified advisors and cabinet members that he will listen to. As you say, he’s been in DC most of his life and knows how things are done and games are played. I’m confident that the nation is in good hands again, although it will take a long time to undo all the damage Trump has done. That alone may supersede anything else Biden hopes to accomplish.

          1. We are the same age. Husband’s older. As the youngest of my generation, I’ve watch family/relatives age and slip away – we tend to live to 95-102.
            He’s the president-elect, so I try to watch his interviews. He was quite something as a younger man – so dynamic even if he changed positions sometimes – who doesn’t?
            Can only hope. He’s it now. (maybe Santa will bring him some nonskid shower shoes HAHA!)

        2. I’m happier now, knowing Trump’s days are numbered. But other than that, nothing much changes. I’ll still be staying at home all the time, waiting for my turn for the vaccine. And probably for some time after that — until the doctors say it’s a lot safer to go out.

          1. Things are still so unclear with this virus. Thank goodness the kids seem to weather it. Meanwhile the rest of us oldsters are just saying tuned and keeping an eye out HAHA
            One thing I’ve been working is not letting external forces/problems that I have no control over bother me/make me angry.. like politics – pretty much given up on both parties as they are now twins like Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb – both old men who are the darlings of Wall Street and the elites – All means very limited TV viewing…but it would help if it would stop the dreary raining weather.
            Hang in there (it is getting a bit boring here – but at least we can get out and walk the dog here as it’s not as frigid as there!)

        3. Mostly all healthy here. But DIL has been quarantining, thinking she might have Covid. She’s an EMT and her exposure risk has been very high, needless to say. Haven’t heard anything today.

          1. Hopefully her gained by exposure street immunity will kick in and protect.
            My nurse practitioner niece had a light case when the Vail pandemic kicked off. She’s Ok and went right back in to face more. My doc kid is treating COVID seniors- nursing homes. She says someone has too and having grown up around so many old old people in the family she has a soft protective spot for elders.
            People are not paying attention ( or extremely isolate/lucky) if they think this is a hoax. It may be a bit over-hyped, but it’s real.
            Hope your games are going well and staying interesting. Maybe I’d explore those but really not good at sitting still and my eyes get tired…but getting pretty bored!!!!

        4. She doesn’t feel too bad and got tested yesterday. Expecting results tomorrow. Meanwhile, it’s tough isolating in a house occupied by four people. I’ve got it easy compared to that household.

    1. Oh I understand that pardons coming after convictions are not uncommon. The idea of “preemptive” pardons coming prior to any charges or convictions, is what I’m questioning. Innocent people don’t need preemptive pardons.

      1. I just thought it was a good review of the pardon subject in general. The concept is obviously dependent on the personalities and morals of the people involved. Who would have thought a narcissistic psychopath would get to yield such power? On the other hand, in the Ford/Nixon case, I think Ford did the right thing.

        1. It was a good review — of normal pardons. In politics, it seems, all bets are off. Ford pardoning Nixon seemed a good move to heal the country and move on. Trump makes Nixon look like a real piker, and no pardon(s) can mend the damage he’s done.

        1. I hadn’t thought about “pardon” vs. “blanket pardon.” I’m guessing Trump hasn’t either. But I’m sure he, like Nixon, believes “if the president does it, it’s not illegal.” I’d love to see him list every activity he thinks needs to be pardoned.

    1. I agree the answer probably isn’t in DC. It’s up to the people to stop the hate at home, where it begins. It would be helpful, however, if our leaders set a better example.

  2. From my understanding, one can only be pardoned from actual convictions. Not “stuff that may happen in the future” – then that give them free reign to murder, steal, etc.

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