Better than a fruitcake

After all these months, we’re getting a whopping $600 per person from Congress in stimulus (Covid relief) money. Sure, it will help for Christmas, but in the Denver metro that’s not even a month’s rent.

This in the world’s richest nation. It’s almost criminal.


21 thoughts on “Better than a fruitcake

  1. I will use mine, since i will actually get this one, for new license plates! I agree, better than fruitcake, but is it a real help? Making it a year free from filing income taxes – or refunding all federal taxes paid – or something like that would help us more. But then the tax preparers would be hurting….

      1. almost 600m pages long – I got fed up reading it. Evictions halted again (good) and extra monthly money for the unemployed – Theaters – they some help OK they have been slammed – schools? Must be audited carefully – after all they have had different expenses and many do not want to be held accountable for that. Small businesses – yes….but if it’s like the last batch of money, it’s not going to get to those who need it…Osteen’s Mega church got millions (“they have employees and the doors were closed…but not the tv/online services or tv appearances or book deals Joel and diary Vicky have been in DC far too much the past 3 months meeting and consulting…and then there’s that lovely popular restaurant with elites and elected officials – The French Laundry with got a ton of money…
        Yet none of the small businesses we know got anything
        Meanwhile the DC inhabitants and elites go to vacation homes (“to ready them for sale”) and determine the fate of those who pay the bills
        Yes, a bit cranky here.

        1. I remember the last time around when a lot of big businesses who didn’t need the money got it anyway — instead of the desperate mom-and-pop operations. Won’t be at all surprised to see it happen again — although very sad about the graft and ineptitude.

  2. The GOP’s better be careful, they could kill off all the little people who work for them, the wait staff, the trash-haulers, the cops, the nurses, the janitors, the taxi drivers, . . .

    1. I was dismayed to hear you’ve got a new strain going over there, and thus a new lockdown. It’s probably already over here someplace too. Stay safe, whatever it takes, so we can all enjoy the new year.

  3. Yes the new strain is called VUi202012/01, what a mouthful. They say it spreads 70% faster than Covid-19 apparently. There is also a new strain from South Africa which has been identified but has no name that I can find. Everyone from South Africa or anyone coming into contact with someone from there must self isolate for 14 days.

    1. Yes, aren’t we the “lucky” ones. The first US case was found here in Colorado. We may well end up in another lockdown because so many of our citizens simply refuse to follow the guidelines for masking, social distancing, etc. I will continue as before, acting as though I’m still under lockdown. I intend to be alive and kicking when the pandemic is gone.

    1. At times we’ve been asked to stay home, but no penalty for not doing so, and many, many people do not do so. I know the one place that I am definitely safe is in my home, so here I stay.

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