Humans removed the Utah monolith … and others

Humans, not aliens, removed the Utah monolith. (Michael James Newlands)

The mysterious monolith in the Utah desert disappeared Friday night, November 27. And as it turns out, there were witnesses to its removal. Photographer Ross Bernards and several friends were at the site when four unidentified men arrived, pushed over and disassembled the monolith, and hauled the pieces away in a wheelbarrow. As the men left, one of them said, “Leave no trace.”

Bernards and his friends did not intervene and stayed the night. Describing what they saw the next morning, Bernards wrote on Instagram:

We saw at least 70 different cars (and a plane) in and out. Cars parking everywhere in the delicate desert landscape. Nobody following a path or each other. We could literally see people trying to approach it from every direction to try and reach it, permanently altering the untouched landscape.

So it seems appropriate to say “good riddance.” But the story does not end here. We still don’t know who erected the monolith. And equally intriguing, a very similar monolith has been found in Romania.

Utah adventure guide Sylvan Christensen and friends removed the monolith and later posted a brief video of their activity:

Thursday, Dec. 3: I can’t keep up with the monolith(s) story. The one that appeared in Romania shortly after the Utah monolith was discovered has also disappeared. But now there’s a new one in California.

The Romanian monolith was found last week and removed this week. Unlike the Utah structure, this one was covered with odd circular etching.
The California monolith appeared after the one in Romania disappeared. It was gone within hours after it appeared.
The California monolith was torn down early Thursday morning by a group of young men who drove five hours to replace it with a wooden cross. (screenshot from

The Dlive video from California has been taken down, but it was recounted in a local California newspaper.

One can’t help wondering now where the next monolith will appear, and how long it will remain standing.

18 thoughts on “Humans removed the Utah monolith … and others

    1. We still don’t know who built the monolith and I’m really curious about that. I’m just sorry all the visitors were so inconsiderate of the land that the attraction had to be removed. Kudos to the guys who realized what was happening and removed the structure before things got any worse.

    1. Nothing wrong with the monolith itself. It was the behavior of visitors that made its removal a virtual necessity. They were rapidly destroying the area. However, whoever installed it should have been the one to remove it.

  1. It’s possible that the four men who removed the monolith were the ones who installed it. You’d think Ross Bernards would’ve thought to get the license plate of the vehicle they came in (or maybe he did, and is still investigating).

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