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I appreciate you! Pass it on

I was reminded today by the young man who delivered my groceries that I am deeply appreciative of so many people who’ve helped get me through this year. This young man was frustrated because his cell phone app wasn’t working properly and he couldn’t confirm he’d made the delivery … on time, in his own car, to the right address. He paced around talking about how pressed he was for time by a very tight schedule, how his employer never passed on the tips he was supposed to get, etc. Running way behind, he was finally able to move on to his next delivery. I felt so bad for him that I went back inside and immediately wrote a glowing assessment of his delivery, increased his tip, and wrote a note to his employer saying he and other drivers like him are worth their weight in gold to people like me and he’d better be treated accordingly.

My actions, I’m sure, won’t change a thing. But I am so grateful to that driver for bringing my groceries. And to all the others out there who have, in one way or another, helped me get through 2020.

May all those on this list somehow know how much they are appreciated, and please, dear readers, help me not overlook anyone. It so easy to do when making lists. Add to the list those you can think of that I haven’t mentioned:


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