Rioters, vandals, insurrectionists, anarchists … and stupid

Among those likely to be identified are the men in this picture.

Call them what you will, those people who invaded the US Capitol on January 6, but be sure to include “stupid.” Most of them didn’t wear masks because they somehow think they are immune to Covid. But it takes only a modicum of intelligence to know you should cover your face and conceal your identity if you are going to commit a crime. Yet some of them were even posing for pictures and taking selfies. Mugshots, if you will. Because, sooner or later, they will be identified, arrested, and charged with a variety of crimes, not the least of which will be murder of a police officer.

And changing my previous stance, I now support the impeachment and conviction of their “dear leader,” Pres. Donald J. Trump. Yes, the 25th Amendment, if invoked, would immediately remove him from office. But impeachment and conviction, if it could be achieved before January 20, could include language that would bar him from ever again holding office. And that is a notable, very worthwhile goal. Particularly when he has told some allies that he plans to run again in 2024.

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  1. And a P.S. I just read that if impeachment proceedings are begun before Trump leaves office, they can be completed even after he becomes ex-president. I really want to see him face consequences more meaningful than a frozen Twitter account.

    1. Or maybe if he’s convicted of tax fraud, bribery, etc., the sort of thing that takes down only the wealthy and privileged, they’ll see him for the sleazy grifter he is rather than their former president and dear leader who was cheated out of his rightful second term.

  2. Stupid is right.
    Masks may be a personal decision/personal responsibility thing – which may take care of itself. The big marches/clelbrations last year didn’t seem to have much effect – besides if they exercised their right to get sick or stay well and got sick, then why should their opponents get upset if virus takes them out?
    A few less stupids might be a good thing in so many areas.
    Unlike last year’s Night time rioters, it looks like few of these people ever intended to “riot” or cause damage, so they did not prepare disguises or worry about getting ID-ed. Broke glass, tossed papers around and made a mess, but didn’t set it on fire and they all went home. Media says BLM/social justice night attendees tend to attack private property as well as public property and totally destroy, burn, or steal what can be carried off and attack/put at risk pedestrians and cars who simply happen to be in the area.. So I guess we should consider us lucky?
    Really stupid and sad that so many didn’t turn an leave early when the message got ugly. Really sad they actually thought the march would have any impact. Naive and didn’t realize they were being used by those with a whole different agenda and needed numbers and the “cover” of numbers to do what was planned.
    Many just felt like they have been demonize and ridiculed so much and wanted to stand up and say” I count, too.I am a citizen, too.” Congressional leaders could have gutted up and say, “OK. We’ll begin anew and let’s try and work together for the good of the country”…but no.
    They could have said, “OK we’ll have a day for a bipartisan committee to look at the “evidence” of weird election stuff. (And there is some fishy stuff – always dead people and people voting multiple times – and those stupid voter machines should have never been used – when trying to get the contract for TX, a high school geek used his cell phone to break into their “secure” system. It was hilarious – on TV. Can’t believe any state used those machines) IF Congress had given one day – doubt any real difference would have been made in the total numbers – then Congress could have said “We heard you. Here’s what we found. It’s still the same results. Now we’ve got to move forward” The most people would have been satisfied they had at least been heard. Now – after 4 years of Hilary repeatedly saying she won – now we’re going to have 4 years of conspiracy theories and “Trump really won”. Really could have done without that.
    Present and future president and leaders could have appeared together and say – we are all Americans. But politics and ego = no.
    Have to wonder if that wasn’t the plan all along. Now beating up a frenzy with excuse to clamp down on individual rights and the right of any individual to speak freely and think freely without fear. Censorship is already limiting what you can see on Google – look around and you’ll see what was there a bit ago , is now MIA. Only certain thoughts are allowed to be read, analyzed by individuals, and accepted or rejected by individuals (individuals are too stupid apparently to decide for themselves….but then again if you look around at people…too lazy to think on their own and easily lead by emotional, forceful personalities…this chaos a perfect example.
    Trump is damaged – they can’t go after him without risking Biden, Hunter, Harris, Hillary (which is why nothing ever comes of their misuse of office and fraud – they all do it and are all guilty….and never pay like the ordinary person). If Biden is smart as he used to be, he’ll just tell Congress to cool it and pretend it’s all about unifying people (rather than avoiding making political enemies, which is what it would really be about)
    But, yes. ALL those who break the law should be arrested and charged – just like the BLM/Antifa nighttime activists are treated when they break the law.
    If this country has any hope, the public needs to see that law matters. There has to be consequences for all. Equal justice and equal consequences under the law. (And that goes for all politicians too…and their families… Dream on HAHA)
    Why do I feel it’s just more of the same.
    Are they creating another Nixon? We’ll see some 20 years down the road.

      1. Grateful for small favors.
        Pelosi’s laptop is missing.
        They are trying too track down the interaction with that officer/protestors – he may have been hit by fire extinguisher, but they must find out what happened there – for the family and all of us.
        At least one well known BLM member from Utah that was in the crowd and ID-ed from video in custody…people want to know what he was doing there…especially since a few m months ago he was screaming “We’re going to burn the – – – all down” while in DC for a “peaceful march with Antifa
        Meanwhile San Diego vicious attacks by armed Antifa at cops and people, and also in Antifa attack on Portland Police Station.
        Like one media guys said, the right has watched for 4 years and learned the lessons taught by the left. Not a good thing.
        So much going on have to wonder what is really going on.
        (FYI MD kid called this morning warning to continue avoiding people, and be careful – authoritative doc sources are really concerned about the S.African strain – the English variant is probably covered by vaccine, but the other one is vicious…Japan fighting it now. Let others worry about themselves, just take care of you)

        1. I’m for dumping the extremists from both sides into a pit together and letting them fight it out. Leave the rest of us out of it. We have a democracy to run.

          Got my first vax yesterday, but intend to stay isolated, masked, distanced, etc. as long as necessary — presumably into summer or fall. All that’s changed is maybe now if I get Covid, I won’t die.

  3. Committing a crime in an era where someone’s watch has a camera built in it. Everyone’s phone has a camera and is live-streaming. And to show their face in the midst of committing a crime – and we’re not talking about stealing a 6-pack of beer here. Yet they all smile for the camera, do a fist-pump, etc. Only reason I can think of is because those people actually thought they were heroes.

      1. I can’t believe McConnell actually said that, too. Still don’t like him, don’t respect him as a whole. But I do give him the most minute bit of respect saying that. But no respect for anything else. Just that one statement.

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