I know a wingnut when I see one

5 thoughts on “I know a wingnut when I see one”

  1. Majorie has been my target this week. When I saw a video of her indirectly calling people with Down’s Syndrome a bunch of “retards”, I blew a gasket. I’ve been posting that video all over Twitter. She took the place of trump for me. Only reason she’s in Congress is because she ran unopposed. If you haven’t seen that video, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMvVm39PbCE

  2. And another video of hers, in regards to the upcoming rally (before the riot), she was carrying on about the Capitol being public property – owned by the people (government) as if it’s open to anyone at anytime. She encouraged people to “flood the Capitol Building”. She just doesn’t understand that just because it’s govt property doesn’t mean it’s open at anytime for anyone to come in. But in that video, she basically said it is. So she encouraged people to illegally enter the Capitol Building. I thought when trump left there wouldn’t be anybody that bad to take his place. I was wrong. Where she says to “flood the Capitol Building” is shown in this clip: https://www.messenger-inquirer.com/news/national/2019-video-shows-rep-greene-telling-people-to-flood-the-capitol/video_7544ec5d-db11-5a4b-a0c3-f5c490cb8aaa.html

    1. That doesn’t bother me nearly as much as her claiming the school shootings were staged … or Boebert showing people around the Capitol. I saw one video of the riot where a woman was yelling directions about where to go … specificity along the lines of “no, no, through that door and then first door on the right” or something like that. She knew exactly where to go.

      We’ve got some people in Congress who ought to be standing trial along with the rioters.

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