The choice: Convict or condone

6 thoughts on “The choice: Convict or condone”

  1. Sadly the Republican Party lacks honor and people with moral hard is it for 17 people to have courage. I think the accused has a cabinet of dirt on them, so they are afraid. How can you praise a man for saving you and slap him in the face by allowing criminal T to go free…hmm…Alas, is there no honor among thieves?
    If he is not convicted, any shred of democratic authority goes out the door with foreign countries, respect is lost. If you cannot covict what is in full glaring sight – it is possible to be above the law. The folks held doing his bidding will have grounds to be set free in all fairness – convict 1 and all..set the precedent or open doors of anarchy…

    Btw..great posting 😃

    1. That’s it exactly. Let him walk away unpunished from the chaos he created and we’ll have established the precedent that the president is above the law. He always thought that anyway. Now the Senate seems ready to prove he was right. Worse, he could be back again in four years.

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