And I thought 2020 was over

4 thoughts on “And I thought 2020 was over”

  1. Thanks for asking, PT. Our bedroom remote thermometer read -14 degrees this morning, which I believe is a record low for Joplin, MO! I’ve had the water taps running to prevent frozen pipes for the 3rd day now, and our garage, supposedly insulated, is at 36 degrees. No power outage, yet, but my son’s co-worker came to work (in Joplin) because her power was cut off. Fingers crossed!

    1. So glad to hear you’re okay. I wasn’t sure what was happening in Joplin. -14 puts you right down in the deep freeze with Denver. When I lived in Okla., I did the whole dripping taps, open cabinets thing, and still had a burst pipe once in an exterior wall around a faucet. And I remember once having to crawl under the kitchen sink with a hair dryer to thaw a pipe. I couldn’t do that now. I did sit here worrying about staying warm if the power went off, but thankfully it didn’t happen.

      Hope the warming here today is reaching you, too. Stay safe.

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