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Perseverance lands safely on Mars

Our newest Mars rover Perseverance has landed safely on the surface of the planet and almost immediately sent back this photo. Way to go, Percy!

There were a few tears mixed with my cheers. (Yeah, I’m like that.)

Anybody else notice how many women were present in the Control Room today? Nice change from the past.

And of course it wasn’t long before the memes began to circulate:

Now I’m looking forward to seeing that cute little drone/helicopter do its thing.


  1. A female voice on point for Ops was the first thing i heard on the NASA Live today. So Cool! Then this evening, church was canceled, so i went to the free Estes Park movie — Hidden Figures — which was perfect timing. Only disappointment was that Phil Mouse didn’t post about the landing, but the poor folks in TX have enough going on right now.


    • Wasn’t it great? I kept flipping around to different sources and there were so many women speaking from JPL. I thought about you and the movie and the women. Great day all around.

      I’m thinking constantly about Phil. She’s in Houston and as resilient as she is, she probably wasn’t prepared for this week’s disaster.


    • They had to have been pretty close to correct if Percy got through the atmosphere to a successful landing. I’m just in awe of the whole thing, everything that had to be constructed and calculated perfectly to produce a successful launch, flight, and landing. And the fun is just beginning!


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