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Know your sources

What do you know about your favorite news sources? Do you turn only to those reflecting your views? Do you look for opposing views? How biased or neutral is your favorite source?

With the red-hot extremes in America today, it’s important to know truth from propaganda and lies. Critical readers will look for unbiased reporting and recognize commentary and editorializing for what they are — personal opinion. It’s also useful to know what the other side is thinking.

This January 2021 chart from Ad Fontes Media shows where most news sources fall on the bias and reliability spectrums (although one must also wonder about bias at Ad Fontes in producing this chart). There is an interactive chart on the Ad Fontes website that includes more sources and can be used to enlarge and separate the items on this static image.

For what it’s worth, I’ve started looking in on NewsNation. They are only a few months old and their stated mission is to present fact-based, unbiased news. We shall see.

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