A webcam graveyard

To simplify the page with my favorite webcams, I’ve moved the offline cameras to this page. Maybe they’ll come back someday.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, WILD BASIN — This lovely view (above) hasn’t updated since Jan. 13, 2021, but I keep hoping … — (Camera looking west from Allenspark)

CAMERAS LOVED BUT LOST (These cameras are currently out of service) 

4 thoughts on “A webcam graveyard

  1. Fabulous scenery but it looks very cold at the moment. Webcams are great for seeing places when you cannot get there yourself. They are all over the world and so accessible on your computer. Your favourites are typical of scenery I think of when the Rockies are mentioned in conversation.

  2. Do these cameras have live views? So if I were to go to any of them, I’d see, for example, a car drive by? I tried looking around Albuquerque and all I can find are cameras that seem to just have still shots posted occasionally. Mostly weather cams. Not that there’s a whole lot to see here. KOB does have a camera pointed at downtown with the Sandia Mtns in the background – a beautiful shot. (I uploaded it if you’re curious – it is a pretty view: https://llwproductions.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/downtown-abq-kob-cam.jpg)

    1. These cameras (on this page) are no longer working. On the page with working cams, those that say “live streaming” show any movement — passing cars, pedestrians, etc. In the scenic ones, the only movement you’ll see are the clouds or the trees, or maybe falling snow or a passing bird. You might have to look very closely.

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