Make every day Earth Day

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  1. I wish people would return to avoiding conspicuous consumption – manufacturing good really damages the environment (and we can pretend it’s not happening here when it’s being made in China who doesn’t care at all about trying to avoid environmental/human damage)
    Too much stuff! (but that is what our economy depends on apparently). Anybody really what to know the environmental cost of manufacturing new electric ( and gas/diesel) vehicle …and what’s going to happen to all the old ones?
    Well, can we at least go back to “don’t litter”, carry cloth grocery bags, turn off lights when no one is in the room, and buy recycled?
    We keep reinventing the wheel endlessly.

    1. Maybe gasoline-powered cars will eventually age out of the system, especially if electric is all that’s available. That could make a big difference in air pollution. Here, at least. But getting the whole world to do its part, especially in poorer countries, may never happen. Electric cars, solar and wind power, etc., will only happen in countries that can afford those things. I’m afraid that if we can’t even get people to vaccinate against Covid, we’ll never get them to sacrifice their own conveniences for something that won’t happen in their lifetimes. Maybe they’ll pay attention when all the forests have burned, all the crops lie dead in the fields, the faucets have run dry, and the sea has flooded their beach houses.

      1. Meanwhile. let’s encourage everyone in migratory bird paths to turn off lights/dim the necessary one for the next 2-3 weeks. They have enough to avoid with whipping wind farms without being blinded (Suggested by Audubon Society…who is seeing unexpected/unintended results of human rushing in to embrace new ideas)
        Progress is slow, but as you say, it will happened…if you love big oil, you’ll be over the moon with big electric!
        Calling all inventors: HELP! (No joke!)
        Have a great weekend – warmer, I hope…it is spring…skiing is supposed to be in bikinis now, right?)

        1. Supposed to be a picture perfect weekend, close to 70 degrees both days. With snow every week this month, I’ll just wait and see. At least we’re making progress on the drought. (“Rain/snow” predicted for Tuesday. Again. Sigh.)

          Hadn’t heard the thing about lights. Car thefts have skyrocketed here and there aren’t nearly enough lights to discourage them in residential neighborhoods. I’ve worried since I moved here about how dark this neighborhood is. At least there’s an upside to it.

          1. You may be far enough westward to be out of the central bird migratory path from South America to Canada. Or maybe you are in the final destination spot for some. We get a lot of spend the night stop overs here by the lake/wetlands. (Monarch butterflies and hummingbirds, too) If you can get up and out really early, you can see some remarkable flight takeoffs and flocks sorting themselves out before winging onward. (Sort of makes up for the flat marshy land instead of mountains….sort of I guess HAHA)
            Crime lighting is a serious issue there now? So sad – it used to be people laughed at our car alarm when we were on vacation. Big buildings/companies could investigate the dark night sky friendly lights which don’t Pancake House’s style search lights that glare up the whole neighborhood. They use those around airport areas….still safely lit areas but much less stressful to all with less spill over glare and prison look – which is what blinds/confuses birds. There’s environmentally considerate ways…but most companies would rather appear to care about the environment than actually pay/retrofit and do something good for the environment. People are so weird….or maybe all that matters is important…if so, we’ll suffer from lack of birds and bats and not realize it until too late
            Your snow is storming this way Thurs…hope it keeps going and doesn’t stall over weekend.. but not good to complain as summer drought is already possible.)

        2. I read somewhere that Denver is in the central flyway. But most of the birds I’ve seen here are around all year.

          I’ve always considered night lighting to be a good crime preventive. Learned it from my parents. Compared to my OKC neighborhood, it’s very dark here. You can drive down the street after 10 pm and not see any lights. I’ve long wondered if everyone goes to bed really early or if all the living rooms are on the back or what. I guess most of the neighbors weren’t raised the way I was. Then there was that shooting down at the corner a few years ago. Bet those kids wouldn’t have parked there if the porch lights were on.

          So far we’ve only had showers this evening. The snow may stay in the mountains. But yes, it’s coming your way I think.

      2. You gotta love the guy. Musk. “We’re running the most dangerous dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see just how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere…can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe.”

  2. johnthecook…It was predicted more than 2,000 years ago people would worship the “creation” as opposed to worshiping the “Creator”. It has been happening for quite some time now. In my humble opinion “Earth Day IS worshiping “The Creation”. Our Founding Fathers knew something about a “Creator”.

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