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‘Rescue’ dog lives up to the name

WATCH | Rescued Joburg dog saves fellow dog from drowning

When 15-year-old Chucky fell into the family pool in Boksburg, South Africa, his buddy Jessie worked tirelessly for 34 minutes to rescue him. Chucky is a Pomeranian and Jessie, a rescue from the local SPCA, is a 7-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier. Their owners, Byron and Melissa Thanarayen, were away when the accident happened and returned home to find Chucky’s head inexplicably wet; a security camera revealed what had happened.

Jessie received an award and treats from the SPCA. And the Thanarayens plan to install a pool cover in the near future to make sure this can’t happen again.

Chucky the Lucky (Melissa Thanarayen)
Jessie the hero (Melissa Thanarayen)
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