Will justice for one become justice for all?

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

Yesterday in Minneapolis a jury found ex-police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts. Guilty of murdering George Floyd.

I admit I did not watch the trial. Nor did I read about it. I didn’t want to or need to. I watched the entire video the day it was released, and it was horrifying. There was never a doubt in my mind about what happened.

It was an act so egregious that even the police department’s infamous Blue Wall cracked. Officer after officer testified against Chauvin — ten altogether, including the Chief of Police.

Maybe, finally, we will see nationwide police reform. Maybe, finally, bad cops will be called out and weeded out. Maybe, finally, there will be accountability.

And maybe, just maybe, Black lives will begin to matter.

In Denver, Thomas “Detour” Evans and Hiero Veiga’s portrait of George Floyd. (Photo: Kyle Harris)

5 thoughts on “Will justice for one become justice for all?

      1. From your mouth to God’s ear. The only good our previous President did was to make us ALL aware of how deeply supremacist hate and institutionalized killing of non-whites run in this beloved country.

        1. I think it’s been there all along and he just legitimized it and let it come out from under its rock. But now that it’s been exposed, perhaps it can be dealt with. We are so much better than the last four years (I hope!)

          1. I used to say that to my friends during the first year. “It’ll bring this ugly racism to a head and we can lance this boil once and for all.”

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