Eisenplower & Co. to clear Colorado roads next winter

Tandem plowing in Colorado (photo from CDOT)

It’s not exactly snowplow season in Colorado, but as is so often the case, it is the perfect time to purchase winter equipment. And the state has just purchased 20 shiny new plows to augment its existing fleet.

To generate public awareness, Governor Polis announced a “Name That Plow” contest for the state’s elementary school children, and some 1,100 suggestions were received.

The winning names were announced yesterday:

Among the names not selected but favored by Axios Denver writer Alayna Alvarez were these:

  • Baby Snowda

  • The Fast and the Flurriest

  • Jennifer Snopez

  • Justin Biebrrrr

  • Lord Coledemort

  • Coldorado

  • Kyle Clark’s sweater

  • Plowcifer

  • Plowderhorn

  • Blucifer’s Helper

  • Abolish Ice

  • Brrrack Snobama

  • Pina Cold-latta

  • Olaf’s Nightmare

  • Grandpa

  • Plowy McPlowface

  • Nomo snow

This summer or early next fall, contest winners will be photographed with the plow they named, which will display its name on its doors.

Next winter, the kids will be able to track their plows and all the others in the state on the map at cotrip.org.

Such imagination and creativity. Aren’t kids great!?

4 thoughts on “Eisenplower & Co. to clear Colorado roads next winter

    1. I agree, although some, I suspect, were thought up by parents. Wish I were clever enough to think of names like this when naming pets. Eg. Chairman Meow.

  1. Over the winter, I can’t remember what country it was, somewhere in Europe, but all the snowplows had names. At any time, you could log in and view where each snowplow was by name. It was a northern European country – a Norwegian/Slavic country. It was a pretty cool website.

    1. Sounds about like what they do here. I think up till now the plows have just had numbers. But now some will have names, and if I’d named one of them, I’d be looking at that map every day.

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