Estes Park: When hell came calling

6 thoughts on “Estes Park: When hell came calling”

  1. This morning’s winds were such that the entire area was just thick with smoky haze – still is. Could smell it. As i pulled in at work, ash was falling on us. In June. But the Park is 100% ok; all the fires are distant at this point. And i will NEVER forget that awful dark orange light everywhere and street lights on at 2 in the afternoon with evacuation underway!

    1. The smell of woodsmoke. Hazy skies. Falling ash. Never a good time for those, but it’s way too early. Those fires are distant right now, but so was East Troublesome when it started. The western half of the state is insanely dry and has been all winter. I hope no one ever has to experience again what happened last year. But I worry.

      1. There was a lone comment on one of the Estes pages last evening that i kinda agree with. The thread was about the ashfall and how unsettling it was combined with the smoke settled over us. The writer: “Is PTSD (post Troublesome stress disorder) a thing?

        Air smells cleaner this morning, but haze still here.

        1. We’ve had a lot of haze down here too, off and on for several weeks. Lots of it is ozone, and last week it was fires in Utah and Arizona. It makes for pretty sunsets, but sensitive people are warned to stay indoors. I imagine up there, the PTSD that writer mentioned is a very real thing and it won’t soon go away. Hope the air stays clean and cool for you.

        2. It is far too early, although there’s never a good time. We’re out of the drought in the eastern half of the state, but the western half is ready to burn if you look at it wrong.

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