Just change the moon’s orbit

Sleep well, America. Trump’s gone and Texas GOP Representative Louis Gohmert is hard at work in Washington. No more crazy ideas like injecting bleach to cure Covid. Now we have Gohmert suggesting we combat climate change by changing the moon’s orbit. Or Earth’s. And he’s asking the U.S. Forest Service to handle it. Of course.

18 thoughts on “Just change the moon’s orbit

  1. That goes along with raking the national forests.

    This dude was dead serious, too. Just as serious as trump was about asking to inject disinfectants into our body to fight COVID.

    And these people are elected. Doesn’t reflect very well on the people who elected them, either.

    What a bunch of morons. Morons. And that’s being nice.

    1. I always wonder how idiots like this get elected. And then I start worrying about how many other idiots there must be in his state to have elected him.

      (Oops. Apologies to my friends in Texas. I’m sure you didn’t vote for him.)

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