Streaming webcam now in Nederland, Colo.

This streaming webcam rotates through several different views of Nederland, Colo., including 1st Street and Middle Boulder Creek. Ski runs visible in the distance are at Eldora ski area. 

Nederland, Colo., is a small (no longer “quaint”) mountain town nestled in a valley along the Peak-to-Peak Highway. It straddles the junction of Highway 119 and Highway 72, 16 miles west of Boulder. And now it has a streaming webcam to show you what’s happening. Thanks to Busey Brews Smokehouse & Brewery for hosting this camera. (I can’t tell for sure if the camera has sound. It could be the gentle sound of the creek, but it also sounds a lot like the fan on my computer.)

The town’s modest appearance belies the fact that there are highly desirable multimillion-dollar homes on the surrounding mountainsides.

One of those mountain homes has been host to my all-time favorite webcam, the view into the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Sadly, for whatever reason, it has been offline for the last few weeks. I have my fingers crossed that its absence is only temporary.

With views like this, who wouldn’t want a home near Nederland?

... and that's my two cents