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Back in the day with Stephen Colbert

I’m a huge Stephen Colbert fan and have been since I first saw him on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. But until I read it this morning in one of my newsletters, I wasn’t aware that back in 1997 he briefly appeared as a correspondent for GMA (Good Morning, America). I’m not surprised that this was the only one of two such segments that aired.

While I didn’t find this particularly funny or interesting, I was amused to see Colbert again at such a young age — 33. Actually, I’d have guessed he was even younger than that.

My nightly routine has included his show for what seems like forever, and his return to live audiences in the Ed Sullivan Theater for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert certainly bolstered my spirits. Some wee bit of normalcy had returned, and at this point I’ll take whatever I can get.


    • It’s always intriguing to see how those things work. Can’t tell much in this particular video, however. I’ve watched a number of them that are used to start domino falls.


  1. I’m a longtime fan of his too. He’s consistently hilarious and charming.

    He played a bad guy on some crime show once too. Can’t remember what show … sorry.


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