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Fire and sunflowers

“Girasol Dinamico” by Ricardo Chavez-Mendez

Can you believe it’s July already? Sure, time and tide wait for no one, but we’re halfway through 2021! That long-awaited end to our Lost Year was six months ago.

Summer is gearing up, but this year July’s sunflowers bring more than fields of sunshine. They arrive with heat, fire, and foreboding. Our forests are burning, our glaciers are melting, our lakes are drying up. Our world is too hot, too dry — and too oblivious.

But enough about that. Remember how it seemed 2020 would never end … and then it was gone? We struggled with it for what seemed like forever until we looked up and it was July 2021. How does that happen? How can one year seem like ten … that ended just last week?

Sure, our Fourth of July celebration arrives in a few days, but then even our placid night skies will burn. Our babies will wake, our elders will wince, our pets will cower, our veterans will be traumatized again. Property will burn, people will be injured, but celebrate we must. If only we could limit it to just one evening of awe-inspiring crowd-pleasing professional shows that bring people together, turn night into day, and rain spectacular, harmless fire from the sky. Instead, too often, we have thoughtless individuals breaking laws and upsetting their neighbors by igniting their own fireworks in residential areas. So much for bringing people together.

Of course there’s a lot more to July than one night (or week or month) of fireworks. It’s time for summer vacations and this year, more than ever, people want to get out and go. We have record crowds on our highways and in our airports. Record crowds at popular destinations. And if that includes you, please go carefully, considerately, respectfully. Thank you.

Yep. It’s already July 1. Who’da thunk it?

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