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Webcam page ‘new and improved’

Today I’ve launched an updated version of my webcam page, the one that’s usually at the top of the “Trending” list. Not without lots of blood, sweat, and tears, mind you. Struggling with WordPress’s not-so-handy-dandy block editor, which I have steadfastly refused to use until now, was a colossal exercise in frustration that you may or may not have experienced for yourself.

That said, I’ve long wanted and needed to address one problem with the old page and the fact that all those images were set up in a WordPress “gallery”: The images were not and could not be linked to their webcams. Only the captions were linked. And that was not what most users expect. I could tell from my stats that some readers were clicking the images, not the captions, despite posted instructions.

Anyway, now readers can click an image and see the webcam. Period. End of story.


Now that I've had my say ...

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