Home delivery — a mixed blessing

These boxes are too small for a child to play in, but the cat loves them.

I picked up a really bad habit during the covid lockdown last year — home delivery of just about everything. Leisurely shopping via computer, never even leaving the couch. And then magically, a few days later, the desired item appears on my porch. Sometimes, as with Amazon Fresh, delivery might even come within a few hours. Magic! No more driving to the grocery store, prowling the aisles, standing at the checkout counter, loading everything into the car, driving home, carrying everything from the car up several steps and into the kitchen, and putting it all away. A real blessing when it comes to heavy bags of dog chow or canisters of kitty litter.

But of course, there’s a downside. Isn’t there always? All those deliveries come in boxes. And those boxes have to be broken down for the recycling bin. It’s no big deal to slice through all the tape and flatten one box. But left untended, those boxes breed and multiply. I’d swear they do. In no time at all, a single box can become a pile. Along with the assorted packing material.

Other shortcomings include not getting what you ordered or getting it in the wrong size or quantity, or having to settle for a 6-pack instead of a single bottle. You have to read the descriptions very carefully or you’ll get unintended sizes and quantities. Or worse, you’ll forget you already ordered, say, toilet paper, so you order some more — and you’ll end up with a bathtub full of toilet paper. (Don’t ask how I know that.)

And of course, all the convenience comes with a price. Delivery charges. Tips. Shipping fees. Those boxes don’t come cheap.

Yet, here I am, still ordering home delivery. The lockdown is over. Masks are no longer required everywhere. But I’m still ordering. It’s a hard habit to break. And I’m not sure I want to.

6 thoughts on “Home delivery — a mixed blessing

  1. Nothing wrong with it. I order a lot of stuff online now instead of going to the store. Here in ABQ, though, since we’re just a big town/small city, our fresh food delivery is very very limited. Now, most stores will do curb-side pick-up. But few will deliver – especially fresh food.

  2. Me too. I just ordered two LED light bulbs for our range hood from Amazon and they came in two days! Would have been some difficulty obtaining locally. The convenience is well worth it for the annual subscription fee, and with the added benefit of Prime Video’s extensive movie collection. For boxes, a box cutter is a must.

    1. I don’t even have to pay for Amazon Prime. I’m on my son’s account. I’m sooo addicted to Amazon!

      I don’t have a box cutter, but it’s amazing what a serrated steak knife can do.

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