It’s not Colorado, but …

“The Road to Northport” © Nate Zeman

Isn’t it fascinating? Colorado photographer Nate Zeman shot this intriguing stretch of road in Door County, Wisconsin. He describes it as an “unnecessarily curvy road.” Bit of an understatement, eh? The most likely explanation, he says, is that a famed landscape artist lived in the area and thought the perfect highway would be “a thoroughfare that slowed traffic and kept nature always in its view.” The inclusion of the street sign drives home the point.

I’ve featured a few of Zeman’s photographs in the past, and there are many more on his website. You owe it to yourself to go take a look.

10 thoughts on “It’s not Colorado, but …

    1. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I doubt any highway department I’ve ever heard of would lay out the extra time and money to construct a road like this. This should be as famous as that curvy street in San Francisco.

  1. Great road to ride a motorcycle on. Saw something similar with a wooden fence in California. It was built in a straight line but because of a fault line the posts moved out of straight over the years.

  2. This did remind me of my much younger days riding a motorcycle on twisty roads in the Sierras. There is nothing like a motorcycle to get the feel of a road like this. Thanks for this delightful reminder that the slower, more crooked roads are a good thing. These days I very much prefer them to the interstates!

    1. I’ve never been on a motorcycle. The closest I could come is driving mountain roads with all the windows and sunroof open, sweeping back and forth around the curves. I once compared it to dancing with the mountains.

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