Nature’s way

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  1. Humans have existed as a species for at least 2,000 centuries but only in the last 80 centuries have we completely screwed up the only home we will ever have, and the worst of it has been in only the last 2 or 3 centuries. An interesting account of it is here.

    1. I’ve long said we’re not destroying Earth, we’re destroying ourselves. Earth will survive, if only as a barren rock. Meanwhile, I don’t expect developing nations to cooperate in reducing emissions. We “got ours” and they want equal time to “get theirs.” They don’t have the technology or the resources to do otherwise. Even developed nations must have the discipline to cut back on polluting activities, and frankly I don’t see that happening fast enough. It’s encouraging, however, to see most of the major car companies now advertising their new or soon-to-come all-electric vehicles. Of course, it all depends on individuals buying in to the whole idea of clean energy, reducing pollution, etc. How much cooperation have we seen lately? How much personal responsibility and sacrifice?

      1. johnthecook…has the logical and common sense thinker ever thought about the all electric vehicle being the “end use product”? Almost every requirement to make that all electric vehicle will require a “fossil fuel” source of energy to manufacture said vehicle, from digging in the ground to get the raw minerals to manufacture it, to getting it to the consumer. The Gas and Oil Companies are NOT going to go quietly. I would dare say our entire Military machine is fueled 90% or more by fossil fuels, and our Airline passenger jets are almost, if not entirely powered by fossil fuels. Then there is the rest of Industrial America dependent upon fossil fuels by at least 75% or more. Going after the New Car Industry to offset Americas hunger for fossil fuels is like going after Gun Manufacture’s and the makers of Alcohol and blaming them for peoples personal decision to break the law.

      2. Oh I’ve thought about it, long and hard. Electric cars won’t produce emissions, but we have to use some kind of fuel to generate the electricity to power them. If there are emissions along the way, then stopping emissions from the cars won’t help, unless it’s significantly less. I don’t know if it is or not. And no, gas and oil won’t go quietly. Here in Colorado they’ve been advertising heavily for several years about how good they are for our economy, how they provide jobs for so many of our citizens, etc. We are getting rid of coal at a pretty good rate, but that’s only scratching the surface. Greater, more powerful people than I will have to work it out, one step at a time. As an individual, about all I can do is recycle, save water, drive very little, and vote, vote, vote (all of which I am doing).

  2. Let’s all just go and live in caves again and eat tree roots and berries. While the architects of the global warming narrative have cars, holidays and luxurious homes at the beach.

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